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George Puvel (w/ hat background) Tom Geppi (foreground)

George is an experienced coach, sports enthusiast, fitness center owner and athlete who brings a special gift of knowledge to the game.  George has been a part of the broadcast team since its inception in 2009 and his color analysis adds an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of sports.  Football, basketball, baseball, hometown to championship….George has done it all!


Tom joined the AM1450 broadcast team in 2013 when Linganore went on it’s two year amazing run into the football playoffs and championship.  Tom is a Linganore Freshman football coach whose knowledge of the game is instinctual.  But even better is his knowledge of the players.  Many of the young men who come up through the Linganore/Oakdale/Urbana (LOUYAA) program have played for Tom at an earlier stage in their development, so Tom’s personal knowledge of these players is unique in Frederick County sports broadcasting.  Tom’s laid back style and patient management of the game broadcast make it an even more enjoyable experience for our listeners.


Dave  is one of the coaches of the State Champion Linganore Lacrosse team and has extensive knowledge of all high school athletics.  The stadium announcer for Linganore Football, Dave’s kids have grown up in the LOUYAA sports system, so Dave knows Frederick County sports.  Dave has provided color analysis for football and basketball games on air.  His smooth, friendly on air demeanor give you the relaxed sense of watching a game with a close friend who really knows his stuff.


Will is one of our game statisticians at the station.  Will keeps detailed live game stats in a very hectic, fast paced environment.  Will is 20 years old and lives in Thurmont.  Will graduated from Catoctin in 2013.  Will played offensive and defensive line for the Cougars.


Chris played professional basketball in European, South American and American basketball leagues before a career ending injury.  Chris’ indepth knowledge of basketball are an invaluable resource to the broadcast team as a basketball color analyst.  Chris’ son, Bucky played for basketball for Urbana.


Sam is a senior at Mount St. Mary’s and joined our team in 2015 in sports production and support.  Sam is an avid Ravens fan who grew up in Baltimore.  Sam helps out in many roles from press box to studio and beyond.


Michael is a freshman at the University of Maryland from Emmitsburg in his fourth year with AM1450, Michael is a valued all-purpose team member who has done everything from live studio production to press box commentary and stats.

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